The distance learning courses was introduced to provide for students who are unable to attend lectures at CIPM owing to business, domestic or distance considerations. The objective is to provide an opportunity to those who by virtue of the work they do, cannot afford to attend full time, evening or Saturday classes. This is a curriculum delivery methodology to students who have opted for guided self-study to achieve their academic goals without traditional class attendance.

Project Management College, UK is an accredited professional training centre approved by Chartered Institute of Project Management to offer distance learning or online training in applied project management studies in the UK and the whole of West Africa and beyond, via distance learning or online studies. The college was accredited in response to growing demand for market-driven professional courses in the field of business management and in projects management.

We provide programmes that are integrative and aims to produce quality graduates with applied project management skills in their field of study.
If you're looking for relevant professional training or seeking to home your management skills? Then, Project Management College, UK is 'Your roadmap to success'.

Detailed study materials are dispatched to the students who are expected to read them and carry out Continuous Assessment Activities given. Students are allowed to arrange for consultative meetings with their lecturers where they receive further guidance. Exams are done at the end of each semester. This ensures that students finish the course exactly at the same time as the full-time students.

Regular workshops and seminars are organized by the institution to give all distant learners an opportunity to interact, pose their concerns and problems. Solutions are provided on the spot. Further guidance can also be given by postal mail, phone, e-mail or fax.

This has become the program of choice for:

  • Studying professionals who wish for flexibility in managing their time.
  • Students working or staying in areas where lacking suitable learning institutions
  • Companies training their staff without wishing to disrupt operations.
  • Private and organizations staff working in remote areas.
  • Students enrolled in other programs of study e.g. university students (MBAs).
  • School leavers waiting to join university or deciding on what careers to take.
  • Students outside Ghana who cannot find suitable accommodation and high costs


Freedom from stress: Students will learn without worrying about timetables, traveling and having to organize their life around set timetables.
Flexibility: Participating students, who are forced to relocate, will need not to cut short their studies, just inform CIPM to provide you with tuition on distance learning.

Efficient Service: Students never miss a class and they receive well researched study materials and assignment questions.

Other benefits: Students can attend regular scheduled classes free of cost, timetable and time allowing. Secondly, consultations with CIPM full time and permanent teaching staff is easier and possible.

Our programmes and courses lead to awards of Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in Management related topics/ subjects taught at our centres, institutes and schools. The College can help you build a successful career in contract and project management, customer relationship management, purchasing and supply chain management and warehousing and materials management studies.

Our selected courses have been grouped into respective departmental units some of which are shown below:

CURRICULUM: Project Management College, United Kingdom


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