Certified Project Planning Analysis

This course is designed for Experienced Project Manager, Senior and Middle‐level Management, Investment Experts, Management Trainers, Supervisors, Team Member, Graduate Student and all who want to increase their earning level and their project management skills.

Introduction: Acquiring high level skills, knowledge and techniques through the international recognized approach and practice of Project management. This unique programme takes you through the very basics of becoming Chartered Project management Professional, irrespective of your field of expertise. It also facilitates the effective management of projects, balancing the effects of time, cost, quality and stakeholders.

Programme Description: This course is based primary on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) standard and certification processes. It is a comprehensive course that will assist individual in preparing for the CPMP‐ CIPM and PMP‐ PMI certifications.

Target Participant: This course is designed for Experienced Project Manager, Senior and Middle‐level Management, Investment Experts, Management Trainers, Supervisors, Team Member, Graduate Student and all who want to increase their earning level and their project management skills.

Duration: 3 Months Application Form: £20 GBP Course Fee: £250 GBP

Package Covers: Copy of the PMBOK Guide 4th Edition, Training Manual, Practical Project Management Questions and Answer Test and Certificate.

Method of Studies: Online or Distance learning
Methods of Assessment: Coursework, Assignments, Thesis & Case study analysis only
Awarding Body:
- Chartered Institute Project Management. in partnership with the prestigious West Coast University, Panama. (CPPA ‐ Certified Project Planning Analysis)
Recognitions: All programmes are approved and accepted for further progression by the followings:
- West Coast University, Panama, Central America. www.westcoastuniversity.edu.pa
- Chartered Institute of Project Management. www.cipmglobal.org
- Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management. www.ciscmgh.org
- College of Supply Chain Management, United kingdom, www.coscm‐ng.org
Entry Qualifications:
- Applicants should possess a minimum qualification of a Diploma, Advance Diploma, HND, Bachelors, Masters Degree holders or its equivalent in any field of studies.
- Professional qualifications, e.g., PMI, APM, ICM, BCS, ILM, IAM, CIMA, ACCA, CIM, LCM.etc.
- Matured students with not less than 10 years working experience in team management and supervisory duties.
Master the essentials of project management; get everything you need to start managing your own successful projects.
This Course is Perfect for:
• Seeing big and immediate improvements in your work
• Experiencing a whole project from beginning to end
You Will Learn to:
• Select the level of staffing, resources, and management support required for a project
• Assemble a project team and gain commitment on project objectives
• Assign tasks based on work breakdown structure
• Estimate time and costs and present a project plan to team members and stakeholders
• Create a project binder documenting each stage of the project and lessons learned
Course Overview
Managing Projects is an essential foundation course and a great starting point for your development. Gain the skills, knowledge and tools you need to start running each stage of the project life‐cycle. You will learn to work within organisational and cost constraints and set goals tied directly to stakeholder needs. Get the most from your team and learn to utilise project management tools to get work done on time and within budget. Learn a comprehensive and thorough approach to project management ‐ from the early stages of defining project requirements ‐ to developing work breakdown structures, project change control and closeout.
Course Outlines
1. Team Building
a. Project assignment
a. Initial project assessment
b. Team ownership
b. Organizational assessment: working with what you have
. Staffing
a. Resources
b. Management support
c. Options assessment
. Preemptive troubleshooting
a. Historical review
2. Pre‐proposal Analysis and Planning
. Analyzing the market
a. Assessing risk
b. Building the team and reviewing roles
c. Developing a plan to complete the proposal
3. Proposal Kickoff and Preparation
. Evaluating the requirement
a. Evaluating bid contracts
b. Obtaining the team’s commitment
c. Writing the winning proposal
d. Delegating to team members
e. Managing time constraints
4. Post award Planning
. Project kickoff meeting
. Goals
a. Participants
b. Principal points
a. Detailed project planning
5. Negotiation/Agreement
. Four steps of pre negotiation preparation
a. Negotiation performance
. Exploratory session
a. Joint‐gain resolution
b. Post negotiation activity
. Memoranda and documentation
a. Communication
6. Implementation
. Measuring performance
a. Managing risk and uncertainty
b. Reporting progress and following up
c. Managing change and achieving project control
d. Leveling resources
7. Closeout
. Team
a. Review
b. Closeout
c. Reassignment
a. Project
. Documentation
a. Lessons learned
b. Organization
c. Client
. Sign‐off
a. "Ownership"
b. Revenue enhancement

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