The CIPM examination is intended for those persons who wish to qualify and work as professional managers, project financial analysts and project consultants on project and contract administration, project financing, project procurement, Project Initiation, Scope, Planning and Development, Project Financials and Budget Management, Project Control Tools, Project Time (Scheduling) Management, Project Risk Management, Project Quality Management, Project Communications Management, and other specialised fields in project and contract management.

The Chartered Institute of Project Management (CIPM) examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into three (3) parts where each section consists of three (6) subjects. A candidate may attempt one (1) section in the examinations. Candidates are not allowed to enter for a higher section before completing a lower one. Prior to applying for registration as a student of the institute, the applicant is advised to carefully assess his/her interest in the profession and ability to study, take and pass the examination within a reasonable time.

The titles of individual papers in each level are given below:

Diploma in Project Management

1. Introduction to Project Management
2. Managing Work and Costs
3. Nature and Organization of Project Management
4. Planning and Scheduling
5. Purchasing and Materials Management
6. Financial and Commercial Framework

Higher Diploma in Project Management

1. Project Identification and Effective Project Management
2. Project Designs,Specification and Planning
3. Information System Management
4. Project Financial Management
5. Project Human Resource Management
6. Project Quality Management

Post Diploma in Project Management

1. Project Appraisal and Assessment
2. Project Definition and Planning
3. Project Closure and Handover
4. Project Financial Management, Budgeting,and Approval
5. Project Management and Implementation
6. Dissertation


Diploma in Project Management
Higher Diploma in Project Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

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