How to Become A Training Colleges

CIPM Global will accredit independent further and higher education colleges operating in Ghana and overseas provided The Institutes conditions are met. These are:

The college is already operational
Satisfactory accommodation and facilities for teaching and learning
Evidence of suitably qualified teaching staff
Acceptable standards of administration
Control by accountable management
In the Ghana and overseas training provided, all CIPM Global tuition providers are required to be a registered Institute, College Consultant or Company and also pursue accreditation from the Institute by sending an email to:

CIPM reserves the right at its discretion and without prejudice to refuse accreditation on the grounds of inappropriate competition due to the proximity of existing accredited colleges or for any other reason it deems appropriate.

Wherever possible, the accreditation will be based on an inspection of the organisation.
Becoming Accredited

If you are interested in becoming an accredited CIPM Global tuition provider please contact the accreditation department directly,

You will then be sent an information e-mail containing the accreditation form, and information on the accreditation requirements.
Benefits of Accreditation

By becoming an accredited centre, a college benefits from:

Approval to deliver CIPM Global prestigious programmes
Access to the Members Area of this website from where colleges can download Lecture Guides, Reading Lists, Forms, Study Tips and Exam Reports
Lecture Guides for all subjects in all programmes to assist college lecturers when teaching students
Common subjects across the range of programmes make them very cost-effective to run
Website listing providing contact information for students
University recognition of CIPM Global programmes gives added value to the qualifications
Vital information on any changes to the syllabus or examinations
Regular details of the current activities of CIPM Global
Publicity material, including flyers, posters and leaflets, and an Accreditation Certificate

CIPM Global Training colleges receive and can also advertise in Student Focus, the Chartered Project Manager's quarterly publication sent to all student members, fellows and associates of CPMP.

Please note that once accredited, the establishment can reproduce the Study Manuals and distribute them to students, either free or at price not exceeding that charged by CIPM to students.
Application/Accreditation Form

Is your college applying for an accreditation with CIPM Training Programme, please downloads the form below:

Download Accreditation Form
Complete the form.
Print out and enclose it with the relevant fees and enclosures.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited CIPM Global tuition provider, please contact the accreditation department directly,

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